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Adriano Morabito, was born in Rome in 1968. He attends school in Rome, studying greek and latin, but he takes a degree in Economy at the University of Rome "La Sapienza".


Co-founder and President of E-olo S.r.l. company active in the field of training, consulting and research funds for businesses; 
President of Elatos S.p.A., real estate investment company in Italy and abroad; 
Co-founder in 2000 and currently President of the Cultural Association Roma Sotterranea, he has been involved in many scientific documentaries of archaeology and cave studies on the world; 
Co-founder in 2005 of Roma Sotterranea S.r.l. Company specialising in study and survey of urban underground; 
Vice President of Hypogea, the Speleological Federation of Lazio of Artificial Cavities.

Although he has to look after the different businesses he’s involved in Italy, he doesn’t hesitate to travel 20 or 20.000 Kilometers to visit something that catches his curiosity. 
Careful about cultures and anything that looks like an archeological evidence, he is continuously looking for the less known places off the beaten tracks, keeping out from the “must see” or “fashion destinations”. For this same reason he loves to travel around, always independently, especially in Africa, where he goes an average of 6 times per year. He drove with his 4x4 from Cape Town to Rome. 
Adriano is an expert scuba diver, with more than 500 dives in Maldives, Australia, Indian Ocean, Caribbean, Red Sea, Cocos Island and the Mediterranean. 
Speleologist, he is one of the founders of Roma Sotterranea, an organization active from the year 2000 mainly in Rome, to support archaeological studies of the undergrounds of the eternal city.