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Fabio Toncelli began as a scriptwriter, by collaborating with Sergio Leone on the great film-maker's last unproduced screenplay: "A place only Mary knows" and on an American tv serial "Colt". Without completely foresaking the world of screenwriting, after working for Rai as author and director of a variety of docu-drama series for Rai Tre ("Davvero", "Compagni di banco", "Il dilemma:storie di famiglie allargate"), he also worked as television writer, (on Rai programs including: Domenica In, Alle falde del Kilimangiaro, Cominciamo Bene, Dove osano le Quaglie) and began an increasingly extensive activity as a documentary author and director.

These include: “Liberate il Duce!”, “Ortona 1943: Un Natale di sangue”, “Il Naufragio dell’Andrea Doria: la verità tradita”, “Sfida nella foresta”, “Il Mistero del Lupo” and “Flying Over Everest” all the result of international coproductions (PBS, Arté, ZDF, BR - Bayerische Rundfunk, National Geopraphic Channel International, Rai, Mediaset), broadcast worldwide and subsequently sold as dvd's at newsagents in Italy and abroad (distributed by Medusa and Istituto Luce).

Selected by some of the more important documentary festivals, his productions have been awarded a number of prizes, listed here in no particular order: The Coupe Icarò in France, the Documentary Festival in Moscow, the Adventure Festival in Digion and Montreal, the Mountain Film Festival in Colorado, the Lessina festival in Verona, the Chamois Festival, the Festival of nature film in Teramo and many others up until his partecipation in Emmy Awards 2007 with "The sinking of Andrea Doria: a hidden truth" and a prestigious nomination for the most important documentary event in the world, the World Television Awards in Banff - Canda with "Ortona 1943: a bloody Christmas". "Flyng Over Everest" was the special event at the prestigiuos 2004 Graz Festival.

Since 2011 he has been appointed as Artistic Director for the Bellaria Film Festival - BBF.

Since 2008 he has written and overseen the program Missione Natura on La7, where he also directed two series of the program Vivo per miracolo.

In 2004 for Rai Radios's Tre-Mondo he wrote and presented: Radio-Doc, documentaries for radio.