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Tullio Bernabei is a documentarist and explorer in the strictest meaning of the word. He claims to be born in the wrong century: he would have preferred to start off to discover the Nile sources, or set out towards the North Pole, or perhaps to have his say about the Northwest Passage. Moreover he would have liked to fill in the old maps empty spaces where all you could read was “Terra incognita”. Despite the delay, as from 1975 he is trying to. He goes around the world seeking for underground wonders, remote forests, inaccessible glaciers, underwater secrets. And since 1980 he does it in writing, documenting his adventures and the stories of the people he meets along his journey.

In 1991 he co-founded the La Venta Geographical Explorations Association, a research team involved in scientific documentation campaigns on karstic areas in many areas of the world. This huge on field experience converged on a professional path as author, director e producer of documentaries which have often had a world release, winning several international prizes.

Author and director of many scientific-geographic-explorative tv programs and series: in Italy for RAI, Mediaset, Stream and Sky (MTC); abroad for National Geographic TV, NOVA PBS, Discovery Channel, Arte, La Cinquieme, RTBF, Planète, SBS and others. He also worked astelevision author for several productions for italian channel La7: co-author of Missione Natura wildlife documentary program for 60 episodes covering 7 series shot in the field in various parts of the world between 2006 and 2012; co-author of Vivo per miracolo, science program.

One of his films about archaeology in the Tierra del Fuego ,“Yamana, Nomads of the Fire”, has won several prizes, among which the prestigious Rovereto International Archaeology Film Festival. One of his works “Caccia al Vulcano”, dedicated to the discovery of an underwater volcano in the Strait of Sicily, has won the first prize for the best documentary ar the Rome University Festival of Scientific Film.

During recent years he has been involved in scientific dissemination for the INGV (Italian Geophysics and Volcanology Institute) and the Italian Civil Defense Department (“Pericolo Vulcani”), and has also overseen historical re-enactments of underground explorations for National Geographic Italy and the La7 Television network (“Alla ricerca del fiume nascosto”).

Recently he worked with ESA documenting the course PANGAEA 2016 and the mission CAVES-X in the Cucchiara Cave (Sicily) in May 2017, testing a “collision drone”.

He has held training courses in direction and production of documentaries within training programs held in a number of Italian universities, in Poland for the Zakopane Film Festival and in Albania for Tirana University, in Mexico for the Science and Art University of Chiapas, where he's currently professor of "Audiovisual Languages" and "Caving".

Speleologist and climber since 1975, he has organised and managed over 60 explorations scientific research expeditions in many parts of the world. As Founder and President of the European “Pangea-onlus” Institute for education and professional environmental training between 1999 and 2006, he collaborated very closely for many years with Europarc, IUCN and the Italian State Forestry Department on a number of training projects designed to train personnel working in protected areas. He is particularly specialised in safety issues and fire prevention. Since 1998 he has been collaborating with the Natural History Institute of Chiapas, in Mexico.

He has been regional responsible for the Italian Mountain and Speleological Rescue Association for over 11 years, member of the board of directors of the Italian Speleology Society; member of the Explorer’s Club of New York and president of La Venta Association ( from its foundation to 1997. He is actually president of Sabino Speleological Group, and in Mexico, of Centro de Estudios Karsticos La Venta.