by Fabio Toncelli and Tullio Bernabei 14'

Terra Incognita, together with the geographic organization La Venta, has got exclusive materials, astonishing pictures that for the first time reveal the wonders of one of the most unattainable and pure place on Earth: the Venezuelan tepui. A mysterious place where a blind fish lives in quartz caves at 2000 meters above sea level, a kilometer above the valley where, in the jungle, the Orinoco affluents flow. How did it get there? Has it been there for hundred thousand years? The scientific project, led by the geologist Francesco Sauro, winner of the international Rolex Awards for Enterprise in 2014, aims at studying its genome. This could be the irrefutable proof of the continents drift, and of the existence of many unknown bacteria species, that are producing new minerals in distant and unreachable mountains. Here at the “time door” biogeology is rising. It seems to be on another planet.