• Chocolate Mexico

    Chocolate Mexico

    by Tullio Bernabei 12'
    This is the story of Sara and her mother in their adventure in the Mexican states of Tabasco..

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  • The panorama hunter (First season)

    The panorama hunter (First season)

    by Fabio Toncelli 7’
    The beauty of Italy is a cliché but how many people know the infinite natural and cultural treasures in the Bel Paese?..

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  • Exploring the Baja California

    Exploring the Baja California

    by Tullio Bernabei 12'
    The name Baja California evokes a legendary and savage place, where the desert meets the sea..

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  • China origins

    China origins

    by Tullio Bernabei 10'
    In Hennan, 500 km south of Beijing, you can discover the roots of Chinese civilization in evocative places..

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